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Mackenzie gas project participants end joint venture

Friday, December 22, 2017

Mackenzie gas project participants end joint venture


CALGARY, Alberta

The Mackenzie gas project joint-venture participants today announced that they have decided not to proceed with the project at this time and are dissolving the joint venture.

Since work on the Mackenzie gas project was initiated in 2000, the North American natural gas market has changed significantly. Mackenzie gas is currently not economically competitive with other sources of supply in North America, due to a combination of factors, including high project costs and the continued growth of low-cost North American unconventional gas supplies.

“We recognize this is a disappointing day for the people of the North. This is a disappointment to Imperial and the other members of the joint venture, as well,” said Theresa Redburn, senior vice-president, commercial and corporate development at Imperial.

“This was a difficult decision. We understand that it is a disappointment to the many organizations and individuals who have advocated for the development of the natural gas resource in the Mackenzie Delta,” said Darryl Hass, vice president, Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainable Development at ConocoPhillips Canada.

“There has been a considerable investment of time and energy made by the project proponents and the people of the North,” said Redburn. “Imperial greatly appreciates the support of the communities along the pipeline right-of-way and believes the North remains an important potential source of future energy, given the right economic and regulatory conditions.”

The joint-venture participants in the project include Imperial Oil Resources Limited, ConocoPhillips Canada, ExxonMobil Canada and the Aboriginal Pipeline Group.

After more than a century, Imperial continues to be an industry leader in applying technology and innovation to responsibly develop Canada’s energy resources. As Canada’s largest petroleum refiner, a major producer of crude oil and natural gas, a key petrochemical producer and a leading fuels marketer from coast to coast, our company remains committed to high standards across all areas of our business.