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An update on the Winnipeg Products Pipeline

March 17, 2024

Imperial is putting temporary transportation measures in place to maintain regular fuel supplies to the Winnipeg region following unplanned maintenance on a pipeline in the area.    

Imperial’s Winnipeg Products Pipeline transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to supply customers in the greater Winnipeg region. Imperial and third-party customers ship on the line. 

Following inspections conducted in 2024, Imperial made the proactive decision to carry out preventative maintenance to ensure the continued integrity of the line. The work includes replacing a section of the pipeline that runs under the Red River, south of Winnipeg. As a result, the line will be out of service for approximately three months beginning in mid-March. 

Imperial is leveraging its extensive supply network and working around the clock to minimize customer and consumer impacts. This includes arranging alternate forms of transport through truck and rail to continue to move fuel to the region and identifying other terminal locations for customers to pick up product, including at the Gretna terminal which remains connected to pipeline supply. The company has deployed additional resources to source materials and equipment and is working through permitting requirements and approvals to enable this network. Further, every effort is being made to expedite the pipeline maintenance work where possible. 

Imperial is keeping customers informed, providing regular updates to impacted stakeholders in surrounding communities and is in close contact with the provincial government. We are working to ensure an ample and stable supply of fuel supplied by Imperial into the region. Imperial’s plans include:   

  • Gasoline – Supply to be managed by adding additional storage and loading capacity at the Gretna terminal, sourcing alternate supply by rail and truck to our Winnipeg terminal, and arranging for customers to use other supply points outside of the region where possible.
  • Diesel – Supply to be managed by rail and increasing the rail offload capacity at our Winnipeg terminal
  • Jet – Supply to be managed by truck 

We sincerely regret the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers and the community. Our priorities are the integrity of this pipeline and ensuring the continued protection of people and the environment, while minimizing disruption to our customers and the local economy. 

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